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Our Bird Feed Varieties

Basic Mix

Basic Mix containst both red and white millet with some oil sunflower. It's great for both ground and platform feeders.

This mix does not contain filler seeds.

Black Oil Sunflower

Most consider this to be the best all-around bird food. Black oil sunflower is high in protein and fat which is perfect for wild birds.

It is the preferred food of finches, grosbeaks, chickadees, nuthatches and many others.

Supreme Blend

This mix is a great general purpose blend which can be used in platform or hopper feeders.

It contains oil and striped sunflower, millet and cracked corn.

Sunflower Chips

Sunflower chips attract more birds than any other seed. It is also the cleanest possible seed.

Nyjer Thistle

Nyjer thistle is used primarily to attract goldfinches and pine siskins. This seed works best in specifically designed feeders.

White Proso Millet

Our super clean white proso millet is great for attractiong ground feeders such as sparrows, juncos, doves, quail, and towhees.

The millet works best on a platform feeder.

Whole Corn

Clean, whole kernals of corn will attract Steller's Jays, Scrub Jays, ducks, pheasants and quail.

A platform feeder works best for this seed.

Cracked Corn

Cracked Corn is good for ground feeding and game birds.

Clean seeds are always more attractive to birds, so we make sure our cracked corn has as little dust and fines as possible

Shelled Peanuts

Shelled peanuts work best in feeders specifically designed for this feed. Platform feeders will also work well.

This seed will attract jays, chickadees and nuthatches.

Peanuts In-Shell

This feed is used to attract jays, magpies and crows.

Of all the seed, this one is the most entertaining to watch the birds dig in to!


A fat based cake, suet is a favorite of woodpeckers, jays, kinglets, chickadees, nuthatches, and starlings.

Patio Mix

A very clean mix of sunflower chips, hulled millet and peanut pieces. This is a non-germinating seed mix.

This mix works best in tube and hopper feeders, but also can be used in a covered platform feeder.





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