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Farmington Bay

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Welcome to our blog! We hope you find the upcoming information informative and maybe even a little entertaining.  To kick off the blog we feel it is helpful to start with the basics of birding, which is...seeing birds.  Wow, quite profound.  Of course, anyone can see birds, just go outside during the warmer months, and ta-da; a bird or two will appear shortly.  However, we want to spend the next few weeks highlighting some of our favorite places to go around the Wasatch Front to watch birds.  By visiting these places, you can search for types of birds that you fancy, such as: ducks; geese; hummingbirds; get the picture.  


The first place we stop on our tour of Northern Utah is Farmington Bay.  This place is as close to a birders paradise as you can find in Utah.  It is centrally located in Davis County, and is open year round.  There are of course better times of year to see your favorite fowl, so click the link above to learn about nesting, feeding, and migration seasons.  Since we are now approaching winter, the variety of birds you will see has diminished.  However, this may also increase your chances of seeing our national bird; the bald eagle. The bald eagle is such an exquisite creature, which is the only eagle that is unique to North America.  This massive bird has a wingspan from six to almost nine feet.  Sorry men, hopefully your ego can take it...the female bald eagle is the larger gender of the species.  


Thus, whether you are a fan of the bald eagle, the Canada Goose, or the Western Meadowlark, Farmington Bay has over 200 different species of birds, so grab the kids, spouse, or neighbor and plan a trip to this avian oasis. 


Now you have heard our perspective on Farmington Bay, how about sharing one of your experiences for others to enjoy on our facebook page?


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