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Sparrows House Sparrow

House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

adultsThe House Sparrow is a small, seed-eating bird with pink legs and a thick, conical bill. It is extremely common in urban and agricultural areas.

malesThe male bird has a black throat, upper breast and small mask. Its throat becomes less black in the winter. Gray is the color of the rump, the side of the neck and underparts. The nape and upperparts of the bird are rusty-brown. There are black streaks along its back and a white patch in the wing. The bill is black in the summer and turns to a yellow color in the winter.

femalesThe female has a gray-brown crown and grayish-white underparts. It has black and tawny streaks on its back with black wing feathers having wide tawny edges. A buffy line extends rearward from the eye, bordered below by a gray-brown line. Its bill is yellow and it has a white patch on its wing.

juvenilesImmature males lack the full throat patch of the adult male.


House Sparrow Feeder Prefrences






House Sparrow Feed Prefrences


White Proso Millet


Cracked Corn

Sunflower Chips


Black Oil Sunflower

housesparrow dist

Dark Green: native, Light Green: introduced.

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